I had no idea that a book like Wonder could have so many applications when planning my lessons.

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Quickly find only the best, educationally-relevant materials

Our curriculum experts apply real-life experience – as teachers, librarians, and administrators – to connect you with exemplary content, technology and support.

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What are Curriculum Tags? Learn more about Follett’s unique Curriculum Tags and how they can help you support your learning objectives.

For the classroom

New! Follett Classroom Libraries

Ensure your students have high quality, engaging and diverse supplemental reading content to encourage a life-long love of reading! Follett Classroom Libraries feature an intentional blend of fiction and nonfiction titles, plus integrated lesson plans with extension activities. Created to support standards, these packages are perfect for whole or small-group instruction and are carefully created by our in-house team of educators.

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Sunshine Classics Leveled Readers

Sunshine Classics offers a balance of fiction and nonfiction quality leveled readers that focus on text, pictures, and design to support beginning readers. Two options are offered to help students succeed— leveled 6-pack sets or 100-item independent reading grade-level libraries.

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Grant & Funding Opportunities

We can help you find the right grant for your school or district – over 30 subject areas are covered. All the details you need to assess eligibility and fit for your funding challenges.

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Follett Classroom Libraries

Everything you need to build confident, independent readers

Classroom Libraries are perfect for whole- or small-group instruction. Each classroom library, carefully created by our in-house team of educators, features diverse text types and standards-aligned content for NGSS and Striving Readers.

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Classroom Ready Collections

Follett Classroom Ready Collections

Ready-to-use, standards-aligned resources

Classroom Ready Collections feature diverse resources hand-selected by teachers, including websites, videos, lesson plans and more. Collections are available for science, social studies and English language arts across all grade levels.

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International Baccalaureate Curriculum Support

Materials created by the IB available exclusively from Follett — plus a variety of additional resources hand-picked by our educational experts.

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Or, go directly to the PYP, MYP, DP, or CP.

K–12 Materials to Support the Common Core

Expert-selected resources to best fit your curriculum needs

No matter where you are in the process of implementing the Common Core, our collection provides nonfiction and fiction titles representing a variety of genres, text structures and complexity levels. These selections support the development of literacy skills, math concepts and core content knowledge, all from outstanding publishers of educational materials. You’ll also find Text Exemplars & Curriculum Maps, as well as our collection of Teacher Resources for all grade levels.

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Looking for Bundled Solutions that support the Common Core? We have a variety of fiction and nonfiction paperback sets, classroom kits, all-inclusive collections – including custom, high-school solutions from Saddleback – plus, much more for both English Language Arts and Mathematics.

Great Lists for the Classroom

Hand-selected titles from the most popular themes & subjects

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Looking for more resources? Browse our selection of titles spanning multiple grade levels.

STEM Materials

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Prepare students for the increasing demands of a competitive, global society by addressing twenty-first century learning skills. Materials for grades K–5, 3–6, 5–8 and 6–12 help develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, teach students to investigate and question, and stimulate their curiosity and creative thinking.

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eBooks & Digital Literacy

Innovation for the classroom

Our ebooks, databases and digital resources are great for individual learning or small-group activities, and support reading, writing skills, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. Find digital materials for preK through grade 6 core content — as well as math and science ebooks and 5–8 hi-lo fiction.

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Looking for teacher resources? Shop our selection of ELL ebooks and professional ebooks.

Guided & Leveled Reading

The right book at the right time

We offer a wide variety of products and programs to help your students develop their reading skills and build core knowledge through exposure to high-quality, leveled nonfiction texts and engaging fiction titles. Fountas & Pinnell and other leveled collections round out our offerings. Our lists are broken down by level and category so you can easily find the right materials to support your classroom’s needs.

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Need more information on reading levels? See our Reading Levels Correlation Chart for help with selecting the most appropriate titles based on your students reading ability.

Literacy Solutions That Motivate

Promote exploration with new concepts and interests

Our literacy solutions for your core content needs span elementary, middle school and high school grade levels. Our wide selection of nonfiction materials cover the core content of your curriculum, while the broad assortment of engaging early readers and fiction titles will complement your collections and motivate children of all ability levels to read and discover. Even very young students will gain core knowledge and exposure to new concepts while developing phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension skills.

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Hands-On Learning

Educational, easy to use … and fun!

Our collection of hands-on materials help children learn and apply concepts through interactive experiences and play — supporting core subjects, encouraging peer interaction and helping to motivate all students. Here you’ll find an assortment of pop-up books, flash cards and learning games.

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Special Needs & RTI

Close the achievement gap for all students

Help children with learning, behavior, or social-emotional challenges with specific materials that support special needs and RTI (Response to Intervention). An assortment of titles are included, covering topics such as teacher and parent resources on Autism, and special needs for grades K–8.

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Looking for professional materials? Shop our selection of teacher resources for special education.

Professional Resources

The support you need to run your classroom

Featuring a robust assortment from well-known publishers, these selections cover professional development topics – including resources for the Special Education teacher, using technology and teacher resources – offering lessons, activities and reproducibles to support instruction.

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Spanish, ELL & Multicultural

Diversify and expand your collection with our selection of bilingual, multicultural and authentic Spanish language titles.

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Looking for more?
Try our selection of ELL teacher resources and school-to-home diversity titles.

Audiovisual Learning Materials

Encourage reading and develop literacy skills by integrating audiovisual materials and print books to enhance the learning experience.

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School-to-Home Connection

Parents can extend their children’s learning experience with these at-home activities that support literacy development and nurture a love of reading.

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Additional Specialty Topics

Custom-created lists of books and audiovisual titles cover topics such as social and emotional challenges and much more.

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