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Emerging Tech Series

from Cherry Lake Publishing

This series takes a look at the world’s most exciting tech breakthroughs — exploring the latest contributions in diverse fields such as sports, entertainment, medicine and transportation. Students will discover how acting on creative ideas can lead to innovative solutions.

Cherry Lake

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The Data Geek Series

from Cherry Lake Publishing

Cherry Lake

This series supports the new curriculum standards that focus on understanding, interpreting and gathering data. Information in each book is designed to help readers explore all kinds of data and data sources in order to objectively understand data in the 21st century.

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Walden Lane Series

from Saddleback


This series shows a tight-knit family with busy schedules and the usual problems — exploring suburban life in a fun way, with topics appropriate for younger readers. These gentle reads are innocent, hopeful – and sometimes funny – with no unsettling surprises or storylines.

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New Nonfiction Releases

from Candlewick


Discover the best new nonfiction releases from Candlewick Press — topics include the biography of Arturo Schomburg and the disastrous sinking of the Sultana during the Civil War.

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Generation Code Series

from Crabtree

A template for the next generation of computer-savvy creators. This fascinating series examines the skills and know-how involved in computer programming. Readers learn the background and basics of creating code for developing apps, games, web pages and more. Full-color images will help guide tomorrow’s engineers and programmers. Includes hands-on projects and activities to support authentic skill-building — carefully reviewed and field-tested to ensure accuracy.


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Leaving My Homeland Series

from Crabtree

A timely examination of refugee crises around the world. It offers sensitive narratives of refugee experiences, drawn from and inspired by real accounts. Written from a child’s perspective, each title follows the story of one child and their family. Clear, simple text explains why people flee their homelands, what it means to be a refugee, and the challenges faced by refugees around the world.


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Meet the Greats Series

from Gareth Stevens

Gareth Stevens

Who are the greats? They’re the people who have made an irrefutable mark through their work, talent and activism — and their impact is easily recognized decades, or even centuries, later. The story of how each changed the world is charmingly told in the volumes of this appealing series. Each book presents a comprehensive biography and combines accessible text, amusing illustrations, full-color photos and bite-sized need-to-know fact boxes.

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Junior Biographies

from Enslow

Role models and champions come in all forms. These brief, but comprehensive, biographies of athletes, musicians and authors include full-color photos and well-researched information on their lives and accomplishments. In addition, direct quotations from the individuals help readers understand the inspiration and drive behind each exceptional African American — encouraging readers to find and follow their own dreams.


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New Trade Fiction

from Scholastic


Check out the newest offerings for students of all ages, including Refugee by New York Times best-selling author Alan Gratz. Although separated by continents and decades, three children from different countries and backgrounds embark on harrowing journeys in search of refuge — discovering shocking connections that tie their stories together.

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