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Spanish Lightbox
Bundles 25% Off

The power of Lightbox has been unlocked for ELL. Each bundle includes digital multi-user-access Spanish Lightbox titles and the corresponding print versions to support hands-on learning.

Please note: Bundle prices reflect the 25% discount.

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This award-winning social platform supports independent reading activities for students ages 6–13, and Follett is the exclusive partner! Students can build their very own bookshelf, share and receive book recommendations and more — plus, Destiny integration allows both educators and students easy access to library resources, data and reports.

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Makerspace Books & Coding Bundles

Bring exploration, creativity and hands-on learning into the library. Check out the latest books about Makerspaces — including cool projects, workbooks and science & math activities. Plus, we have 3 new bundles about coding and design.

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High-Interest Nonfiction

Check out this assortment of great high-interest nonfiction titles to engage all readers — books about art, writing, historic events, magic, sports and more.

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International Baccalaureate Curriculum Support

Materials created by the IB available exclusively from Follett — plus a variety of additional resources hand-picked by our educational experts.

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New & Recommended

The must-haves that everyone is – and will be – talking about

Cool Industrial Arts Series

from ABDO


Get kids constructing with this exciting how-to series — teaching young readers how to create awesome workshop projects using different mediums. Budding craftspeople and engineers will love learning how to use the tools of the trade to make one-of-a-kind creations.

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Get Coding & DIY Titles

from Candlewick


From coding to DIY projects, kids will love these books for fun projects. This list features Get Coding, where students will set off on several exciting missions — while learning the basics of writing code.

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Makers as Innovators Junior Series

from Cherry Lake

This series looks at the maker movement for young readers and addresses topics from computer programming and 3D printing to starting your own makerspace.

Cherry Lake

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Makerspace Project Books

from Scholastic


These books are filled with fun projects, photographic step-by-step instructions and fascinating mini--science lessons.

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Information Explorer Series

from Cherry Lake

Fun, engaging text introduces readers to new ideas and builds on concepts they may already know.

Cherry Lake

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Gaming & Coding

from Scholastic


From learning to build their own website to figuring out how to dominate the trickiest games around, these books help students learn some gaming basics, discover new games and give them a peek at what’s to come in 2018.

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Lifeskills in Action Series

from Saddleback


Important aspects of managing money are explored in these nonfiction/fiction flip-books. The nonfiction side teaches students about an important life skill and the fiction side helps them generalize the skill as they read about teens in real-world situations.

Shop Lifeskills in Action Series

Do-It-Yourself Experiments

from AV2

Introduce readers to the scientific process. Clear, step-by-step instructions let readers explore the world of science through well-crafted, hands-on experiments. Colorful photos, informative illustrations and easy-to-read text make the topic appealing and accessible to young readers.


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Be a Maker! Series

from Crabtree

This series lets students explore ingenuity, problem-solving and outside-the-box thinking to inspire new “makers” to experiment with the world around the them. Supporting STEAM initiatives, each title in this timely series focuses on a field or area of interest.


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Drawing Big Cats

from Encyclopedia Britannica

Encyclopedia Brittanica

Meet the big cats! Step-by-step instructions explain how to draw cheetahs, lions, tigers and leopards — with information on each breed.

Shop Drawing Big Cats

Invent It!

and Other “Make & Do” Titles
from Sterling Publishers


Invent It! Turn Your Small Ideas into the World’s Next Great Invention — from idea to prototype to selling the product, this imaginative book teaches kids that they’re never too young to start inventing.

Shop Invent It! and Other “Make & Do” Titles

Practical Technology Series

from Britannica Educational Publishing

This series puts technology at the forefront as an integral part of everyday life as digital and information literacy become increasingly invaluable.

Britannica Educational Publishing

Shop Practical Technology Series

Math Is Everywhere Series

from Gareth Stevens

Gareth Stevens

Explore this great math series for beginning readers. Math figures into everyday life in so many ways — adding money for an ice cream cone, playing with toys and even a simple walk through the park are all opportunities to recognize and use math every day.

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