Diploma Programme

Featuring IB Publishing products and additional resources from Follett


Theory of Knowledge

This book provides practical support and guidance to help students prepare for their Theory of Knowledge essay and oral presentation.


Extended Essay

Containing subject-specific sections that give information about the requirements of essays in each subject — these resources also offer advice about how to interpret the assessment criteria.


Creativity, Activity, Service

These resources for organizing and administering creativity, activity, service (CAS) projects, the heart of the Diploma Programme, include guidelines as well as examples of successful projects.

Exam Papers & Markschemes


Complete resources for exam preparation. Great for independent study or classroom use, exams and markschemes can be purchased individually or as a set to complement each other.

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Streamline your lesson planning with a Questionbank subscription. These searchable online databases contain hundreds of examination questions, markschemes, and subject reports that align with the current International Baccalaureate syllabi for various subjects.

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Curriculum Materials

Resources and guides that include all subject-specific information, including syllabus content and assessment criteria. Subjects include languages, sciences, economics, computer science and more.

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IB Prepared


IB Prepared is a dynamic series of resources that help students and teachers prepare for key elements of the IB programmes. These books provide practical support and guidance to help students prepare for their Diploma Programme exams.

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Posters & Brochures


We have a large selection of posters for your classroom and educational brochures that complement your curriculum and show IB pride.

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Career-Related Programme

Addressing the needs of students engaged in career-related education, the CP leads to apprenticeships or employment.

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Merchandise & Apparel

Well-loved by students and also make great gifts — browse our selection of sweatshirts, jackets, bags, school supplies, and more.

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Professional Development

Resources for teachers and administrators using or implementing the IB curriculum — with best practices and other popular professional topics.

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More DP Resources from Follett

Resources to supplement your DP curriculum — from subject-specific support to professional development

Diploma Library Resources

Follett experts have grouped the best materials to enhance your curriculum across the three core elements covered in the DP.

Revision Resources

From flashcards to study guides, Follett has a variety of materials to help during the critical times of exam preparation.

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Professional Development

These carefully selected titles foster the philosophy of the International Baccalaureate by focusing on academic rigor, best practices, and diverse approaches to teaching and learning in an international framework.

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