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Idea Toolkits for the Diploma Programme

Boost student confidence and clarify Diploma Programme (DP) core requirements with IB Inspired, a series of downloadable toolkits featuring encouraging examples that complement your current curriculum.

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The IB Inspired line of products provides numerous authentic examples of extended essays (EE), theory of knowledge (TOK) essays*, and creativity, activity, service (CAS) project essays* that demonstrate a variety of approaches students can use to achieve success in the core requirements of the International Baccalaureate® (IB) DP.

All examples align with the current syllabus. They were selected by senior examiners not for perfection, but for their inspirational quality. Each example is accompanied by a commentary written by the subject matter expert, explaining why it was chosen. These are the examples to which all students should aspire.

Why educators love IB Inspired:

  • It helps teachers prepare their students for the DP core requirements.
  • It demystifies the core requirements for students, thereby increasing their confidence.
  • It complements the curriculum materials currently available on the programme resource centre.
  • It offers an easy-to-navigate user interface.
  • It is network-licensed, meaning content can be uploaded to a school network for universal access.
  • All resources are available as digital downloads.

Inspiring Extended Essays

Inspiring Extended Essays

Access 45 authentic examples of extended essays covering 20 different subject areas, including history, English, psychology, biology, and business management. All align with the current syllabus to ensure learners are prepared for the DP core requirements. Plus, all student essays include a commentary written by a subject matter expert.

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Erwin Ten Meer, MSc, MEd

In this, the product excels: the showcase of essay awes, both in terms of its breadth and depth. The selection committee did a top-notch job!

Erwin Ten Meer, MSc, MEd
IB Educator

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In Development*

IB Inspired - CAS Projects

IB Inspired - TOK Essays

* CAS project essays and TOK essays are planned for future development.

The Baccalaureate

The Baccalaureate

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