Genrefy for Discovery.

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Encourage a self-service approach for students to explore and encounter something new and exciting.

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Why Genrefy?

Create a library space that gives students easy access to books they love with the ability to explore new genres with ease; thus, freeing you up to provide greater assistance to students in need.

Watch how one school transformed its library through genrefication to better support the needs of today’s students, which resulted in increased circulation.

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Librarian/Literacy Coach and
Academic Coordinator

Equality Charter School
Bronx, NY

“I would absolutely recommend Follett’s genrefication services to other schools! If you have a clear vision of the reading experience you want to offer your students but aren’t entirely sure how to make it a reality, the Follett team will help you navigate the logistics to ensure that your dream comes to fruition.”

Read more about Equality Charter School’s success

Our Solution

We assembled a team of 27 experienced librarians already using genres in their libraries. This team, alongside our internal team of librarians, evaluated more than a thousand genrefied libraries using our custom genre solutions. We then took these learnings and created a streamlined way to help bring genrefication to our customers. Together, we identified our collection of Follett Genres, Titlewave enhancements, Follett Destiny® support, colorful labels and signage, Do-It-Yourself Genre Starter Kits, for support, and so much more.

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Elementary Kit Samples

Titlewave Tips

Genre support wouldn’t be complete without Titlewave features to help you be successful.

Set up your genre cataloging and processing profile with Follett, and Titlewave will automatically suggest genres as you build your lists. You’re the expert in your library. You’re always in control — if Titlewave’s suggestion isn’t the best fit for your library, it’s easy to change genres.

We’ll walk you through the process of setting up your profile. Contact your sales consultant to get started.

When building your lists, you can easily Analyze by Genre Assignment to ensure genres are assigned to titles exactly how you imagine them on your shelves. This way, you’ll get the best possible out-of-box experience when your books arrive.

Explore Follett Genres

Shelf-Ready to Go!

Follett’s high-quality cataloging and processing services have been expanded to include exclusive, attractive genre labels and additional MARC customization. We’ve identified a diverse set of topics and themes to make sure that every book in your library has a home. With grade-appropriate signage and labels, you’ll be able to pick what works best for you and your students.

Compare Genres

Grade Level Design

Our genre artwork is designed for each grade level, offering
engaging graphics to entice your readers.

Genre Labels

Exclusive Visual Signs and Markers

Once the books are on your shelves, use our exclusive,
colorful signs and shelf markers
to raise visibility and
excite young readers to explore.

Genrefied New School Collection

Discover why more schools trust Follett’s white glove, new school collection services. In this video, we take you to Tays Junior High School in Katy, Texas, where the librarian chose Follett to genrefy her new library.

Match Follett Genre Solutions with the industry’s best new school collection services for the best possible outcome.

Genre Services, Best Practices, and the Road Ahead

If you’re ready to take the plunge and transform your library, start with our in-depth best practices guide.
You’ve made it this far. Here’s the road ahead …
First, contact your sales consultant when you’re ready to:
Discuss goals — why are you doing this? Most genrefy to better enable students to find books on their own, resulting in increased circulation. See feedback from our Genre Advisory Board.
Choose your genres — this part is easy, we’ve got pre-selected Follett Genres
Discuss labels and MARC customization — you’ll love our labels and Do-It-Yourself Genre Starter Kits
Next, start the transformation of your library.
Run TitleWise®, weed if you can, and get your Genre Collection Report.
Your Genre Collection Report identifies how your existing collection maps to your genres!
Now, you’ll be touching every book to: apply labels, update MARC records, re-shelve by genre, and finally celebrate your new library with everyone!
And last, with your new genre profile set up, you and Titlewave are ready to start building your collection.

Our Genre Best Practices guide will explain how Follett Genre Solutions helps you plan and execute a successful transformation. Take advantage of Follett Genres, Titlewave features, Destiny enhancements, colorful labels and signage, Do-It-Yourself Genre Starter Kits, and best practices formed from our experience supporting successful genrefication projects.

If you have genre-related questions and need an expert’s support, email us at

Don’t forget, Follett offers Genre Consulting Services where we provide hands-on guidance with planning, coordinating and delivering the work of genrefying a collection.

Genre Consulting Services Include:

  • Project management of the service delivery
  • Pre-project planning and assistance with genre mapping
  • Staffing, resources, and materials needed to perform the work
  • Population of genre information into Destiny® Library Manager data

Find out more about this service and contact your sales consultant for a quote.