Flower power (Orca Currents) by Walsh, Ann

Flower power (Orca Currents)
by Walsh, Ann


Paperback Orca Book Publishers, 2022
Description: 123 pages; 20 cm.
Dewey: -Fic-; Audience: Middle School; Reading Level: 3.0

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FollettBound Glued Orca Book Publishers, 2022

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Product Overview
From Follett

Previously published in 2005. Callie Powers tries to cope with a bunch of reporters and television cameras, her grandmother, and her mother who has chained herself to a tree in protest to keep her neighbor from cutting it down.

From the Publisher

Has a protest to save a tree gone too far?

Callie's mother has chained herself to the neighbor's tree and is living inside the treehouse. She refuses to come down until the neighbor, Mr. Wilson, agrees to leave the tree standing. Soon reporters arrive, followed by an activist group called the Singing Grannies and a gang of bikers--each group adding to the chaos. Callie doesn't want to deal with any of them but she needs to figure out how to get her mother to come down from the tree so that her life can return to normal.

This short novel is a high-interest, low-reading level book for middle-grade readers who are building reading skills, want a quick read or say they don't like to read! The epub edition of this title is fully accessible.

Product Details
  • Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
  • Publication Date: February 8, 2022
  • Format: Paperback
  • Series: Orca currents
  • Dewey: -Fic-
  • Classifications: Fiction
  • Description: 123 pages ; 20 cm.
  • ISBN-10: 1-45983-457-7
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-45983-457-6
  • LCCN: 2021-949081
  • Follett Number: 1711MV1
  • Reading Level: 3.0
  • Audience: Middle School