Sunshine Classics

Back by popular demand

Make literacy a priority with Sunshine Classics. This integrated/ELA reading program offers fiction and nonfiction leveled readers for grades K–2 that balance text, pictures and design.

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Sunshine Classics are back!

These popular leveled readers – balanced between fiction and nonfiction – focus on text, pictures and design to support beginning readers. The titles emphasize that reading is a meaning-making process.

These books are …
  • Leveled with text treatments according to F&P guidelines so that teachers can match titles to learners
  • Not phonetically controlled texts, but rather natural-language texts for effective storytelling and exposition
  • Carefully designed so that all elements – including the introduction and repetition of high-frequency words, illustration, and text matching, sentence construction and line breaks – make learning to read successful for all children

Each level of Sunshine Classics features a Skills Chart that covers that level’s key topics, themes, vocabulary and grammar. View the Skills Charts below to explore the Sunshine Classics program in-depth.

The Authors

Many of the Sunshine Classics titles were written by globally-recognized author Joy Cowley. Cowley has received numerous accolades for her reading books for children.

Sunshine Classics

Other notable authors in the Sunshine Classics program include Margaret Mahy, Jill Eggleton, Diana Noonan, Helen Dupree, Jane Buxton, Julie Ellis, Steve Pattrick and more.

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The Sunshine Classics guided reading program is available for purchase by the level – containing 6 copies of each title for an individual level – and in leveled libraries, which include 6 copies of each title for every program level within a grade K–2. Independent reading grade level libraries, which include 100 supplemental titles per grade level, are also available.

Sample Sunshine Classics titles