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Keeping up with all the series titles that your students love while discovering potential new favorites can be a daunting task. Not only do we curate thousands of titles to offer a comprehensive series book selection, our collection analysis, series release calendar, and series notification tools are designed to make filling holes in your collection and discovering new titles a breeze.

Complete Your Series

Complete Your Popular Series

This tool, available exclusively on Titlewave, analyzes your collection and generates lists that empower educators by letting them see which titles are missing from the series that they own. Learn how current your collection is and see what installments are coming up next!

Complete Your Popular Series

Series Notifications

Series Notification

Be the hero in your library! The Series Notification service, also a Titlewave exclusive, is designed to streamline the process of finding new and upcoming series releases by offering educators the option to receive monthly notification emails about forthcoming titles. It’s a simple way to stay in front of the curve so that you can plan ahead. Set up the service in your Titlewave profile settings to get started!

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