Social and Emotional Learning Resources

From relationship building to managing and understanding emotions, these resources are perfect for instilling empathy and responsibility in students.

PreK Book List

Featured Title: How Do You Feel?

Do you feel happy, sad or angry? This book helps students understand body language and facial expressions and assists in learning to identify feelings in themselves and others.

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How Do You Feel?

The Big Umbrella

Grades K-2 Book List

Featured Title: The Big Umbrella

See kindness, acceptance, tolerance and inclusion in action. It’s a simple book with a big message.

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Grades 3-5 Book List

Featured Title: Thank You, Omu!

This is the perfect book to show how one small act of kindness can bring one community together.

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Thank You, Omu

To This Day

Grades 6-8 Book List

Featured Title: To This Day

This poem took the internet by storm as an animated YouTube video. It looks at three individuals who were bullied and shows how they find inner strength to move past it.

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Grades 9-12 Book List

Featured Title: Write Yourself a Lantern: A Journal Inspired by the Poet X

It’s a lyrical look into the life of one girl and her social and emotional growth in a volatile world. This multifaceted novel gives readers the opportunity to evolve with the main character.

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Write Yourself a Lantern

Follett SEL Classroom Libraries

For Grades PreK-12

Each classroom library has been created around the five competencies of the CASEL SEL Framework and features authentic texts intentionally selected to engage students.

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Write Yourself a Lantern

Recommendations for Your Class

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Recommendations for Your Class