More than just an interactive book — it’s an educational platform

Key Features
Google Maps: Explore the locations you’re reading about without leaving Lightbox.
Videos: Engage and excite students with embedded high-definition video clips.
Slideshow: Relevant photos and videos are used to increase comprehension and student interaction.
Quizzes: Built-in interactive quizzes test your student’s knowledge.
Audio: High-quality narration using text-to-speech system.
Activities: Printable PDFs that can be emailed and graded.
Weblinks: Curated links to external, child-safe resources.
Key Words: Matching key concepts to their definitions.
Core Curriculum: Shows how each topical series supports standards.
Destiny: Destiny subscribers can search for related titles in their library collection right from the Lightbox title they are viewing.

Starting at $28.00 per title!

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Custom features create a student-centered learning experience in one easy-to-use environment

Improve comprehension, vocabulary, and engagement — all within the same interface. Lightbox is available to use on any device and reinforces material learned through slideshows, quizzes, and keywords. Plus, students and teachers love it!

All titles are unlimited, multi-user access and include the matching hardcover book.

Over 1,000 titles to choose from for grades Pre-12!

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Includes engaging features and Common Core and National Curriculum Standards alignments

Integrated features, including Web Links and Google Maps, complement curriculum topics from science to social studies to learning and literacy. With guides on how to integrate titles with the Common Core and ELA support, you can feel confident that students are getting the most out of their learning experience.

That whole cycle of learning and testing and instructing is all together, it’s all in one place and I think that is what’s fabulous.

Darlene B., Elementary School Principal

My students were very excited and motivated to use the Lightbox. They were engaged and enjoyed sharing their discoveries with one another

Susan F., 4th Grade Teacher

See for yourself why students and teachers alike love Lightbox

Lightbox is easy-to-use in the classroom with a projector, or individually on students’ personal devices. The activities, maps, weblinks, videos and interactive quizzes make learning fun and introduce core topics in an entirely new light.

Encouraging student participation and engagement has never been so simple — even reluctant readers and disinterested students are eager and ready to learn more.

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Improve reading comprehension, vocabulary skills, and increase literacy development

Designed to meet the individual needs of teachers and students, Lightbox is easy to access and integrates with pre-existing ebook collections in Destiny Discover.

Follett Destiny® Library Manager users can search for related titles in their library collection that expand on the Lightbox topic they are viewing.

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Capture students’ attention with a variety of titles and topics

Choose from hundreds of never before published titles on essential curriculum topics from early elementary all the way through to core secondary curriculum areas.

Titles are grouped by grade level and topic and directly support classroom instruction.

Support faculty and students with Lightbox

Find out how Lightbox met one educator’s students at their interest level, while supporting Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

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PreK–2 Titles

Connect emerging readers with engaging digital content about core curriculum topics.

PreK–2 Individual Titles

Secondary Titles

Browse a variety of series such as Literature Studies, U.S. History, Basic Physics and the Human Body.

Secondary Individual Titles

3–6 Titles

Motivate student learning by connecting real-world content with key concepts.

3–6 Individual Titles

Spanish Titles

Over 50 authentic Spanish elementary titles organized by a variety of key topics — each title is also offered in English.

Individual Spanish Titles