Playaway the pre-loaded learning tablet

The first ever secure, pre-loaded learning tablet created just for children in library and classroom environments.

  • Custom curated content — with at least 10 of the most popular educational games and apps, each tablet offers a variety of ways to enhance your curriculum
  • Safe, secure and direct — with access to high-quality content, there is no need for internet connectivity — no risk of exposure to unintended content
  • No set-up or updates required — Launchpad is always ready-to-go
Starting at $99.99

Ages 3-5Ages 5-7Ages 8-10Ages 10+

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Supplement your curriculum with hours of interactive learning — engage students with expert picks and best selling apps.

Designed with a variety of content choices by age/grade level — apps are grouped together by theme and subject area packs.

  • Subject areas packs span from math and science to critical thinking and creativity
  • Themed learning packs including animals, princesses, fantasy, nature, and more …
  • Featuring popular characters and well-loved games, kids will instantly recognize their favorites

Sharing is made simple — the tablet can be easily passed from one child to the next.

  • One-touch reset — The previous user’s data can be cleared with the press of a button
  • Personalized user experience — children can choose an avatar to customize their time spent on the tablet
  • Built-in Informational console — parents and educators can review which apps students use the most

Launchpad Features

  • 7-inch high-resolution touchscreen
  • External speaker
  • Audio jack
  • Protective case
  • USB/AC Power Adapter

Accessories Available

Headphones, adapters, security cases … and more

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The apps are organized into packs by age/grade level, subject area and theme.

Each pack has activities, games and consoles to build a variety of skills and enhance specific subjects. For example …

“Word Dash!”

Subject Area Pack: English Language Arts tablet — (ages 10+)

Age appropriate stories and games will engage students by:

  • Sharpening and expanding vocabulary skills
  • Solidifying reading, writing and word skills
  • Developing fluency in writing
“Out Of This World!”

Theme Pack: Space — (ages 5–7)

Encourages kids to use imagination and brainpower through interactive storybooks and games to improve:

  • Memory and concentration
  • Early reading and phonic skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Exploration of math concepts

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