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Grab & Go Literacy Kits feature customizable sets of books and activity journals sealed in a bag and ready to go.

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Literacy On the Go

Grab & Go Literacy Kits enable students to keep reading great books wherever they read while also building home libraries for the entire family. With the help of Follett experts, you can prepare students with everything they need to flourish on their reading and literacy journey, including:

  • Books*: Choose your package.
    $18.99 (3 titles) | $24.99 (4 titles) | $29.99 (5 titles)
    Select your titles from a PreK-6 book list with over 40 titles.
    *You can fully customize Grab & Go Literacy Kits to include any book for any grade.
  • Journals: Journals serve as a fun and engaging way to build strong reading habits by providing activities to enhance the reading experience. Journals are available in English and Spanish.
  • Packaging: Kits are packaged in clear, sealed bags to keep materials together and easily slide into backpacks.

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Using Grab & Go Literacy Kits

Find out how some schools are customizing their kits and get inspiration for yours!

We need Grade 5 ELL kits.

We need Grade 5 ELL kits.

One school district requested Grab & Go Literacy Kits for Grade 5 English Language Learners (ELL). Each kit was customized with one fiction and two nonfiction, high-interest titles at accessible reading levels.

We need high school summer reading kits.

We need high school summer reading kits.

One of the largest school districts in the US needed summer book bags to hand out for Grades 9-12. Each kit was customized with four engaging and culturally-responsive titles — two fiction and two nonfiction.

We need summer reading kits for ELL.

We need summer reading kits for ELL.

Another school district focused on middle school ELL. Each kit was customized with six high-interest fiction and nonfiction titles reflecting diverse cultures and experiences.

We need kits for all students.

We need kits for all students.

One county requested kits for all students in Grades PreK-12. Each kit was customized with current, high-interest fiction and nonfiction titles.

Making the Most of Grab & Go Literacy Kits

Step 1

Set objectives.

When it comes to spreading a love for reading with Grab & Go Literacy Kits, the possibilities are endless. You can use literacy kits to start a book club, facilitate a summer reading program, encourage family reading nights at home, bolster students’ home libraries, and more.

Step 2

Choose titles.

Choose from these high-interest books or browse curated book lists by topic or grade level for a custom kit. Whether you already have titles in mind or need some additional guidance, let our experts help you.

Step 3

Include literacy journals.

The literacy journals are a fun component included in each kit to help guide readers on their literacy journey and help keep them engaged. Journals in Spanish are available upon request.

Step 4

Package your kits.

Once your customized kit is prepared to your liking, it’s time to package the precious cargo properly so students can build literacy on the go. We include sealed plastic bags free of additional charge.

Step 5

Launch your literacy kits.

Nurture student learning and literacy by implementing Grab & Go Literacy Kits in your school!

Ready-to-Go Options

You can also choose from curated Grab & Go Literacy Kits for the most efficient solutions.

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