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About TitleCheck

TitleCheck is a tool that customers of Follett School Solutions can use to avoid ordering unwanted titles they may already own. TitleCheck uses the data from your TitleWise® Online Collection Analysis to develop your matching profile. This means that TitleCheck’s matching ability is dependent on the quality of your data. It also means that you should update your TitleWise Online Collection Analysis after you receive a large order or do any major weeding of your collection.

How does TitleCheck identify an exact match?

When TitleCheck places a red bar next to a title, it means we believe the title is an exact match for one that you already have in your collection. TitleCheck identifies an exact matches when an identifying number (FLR number, LCCN or ISBN) and one or more supporting fields (title, author or publisher) are matched. Exact matches also occur when the title, author, publisher, and publication year match. These matches can easily be removed from your list by choosing Remove Exact Matches from the Options menu.

How does TitleCheck identify a possible match?

Titles marked with an orange bar are considered possible matches. Possible matches occur when there is a number-only match (FLR number, LCCN, or ISBN), or when the title plus one or more of the following match: author, publisher, and publication year. We recommend that you look at the titles in your collection to verify that they are true matches before you use Remove Possible Matches in the Options menu to remove them.

How does TitleCheck identify a title-only match?

Titles marked with a yellow bar are considered title-only matches.  Title-only matches occur when TitleCheck identifies a match on the title plus publication year or on title only. Typically, title-only matches are titles in your collection that have a common title or topic, such as Weather or Animals, and can be a coincidental match instead of a true match. It is possible that titles marked with yellow bars do indeed match titles in your collection, so we encourage you to check these titles against your collection as well.

How do I know what criteria TitleCheck used to identify a match?

Clicking on the blue information icon next to a matched title takes you to the Title Detail screen, where we tell you exactly what criteria we used to identify the match.

Here’s the hierarchy TitleCheck uses to identify matches:

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