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If you need to update your contact information, change your password, edit your Cataloging and Processing specifications, or download MARC records, you’ve come to the right place. Your Account also allows you to select which e-mails you get from Titlewave, such as when items appear in your Inbox or MARC records are ready for download.

The most commonly asked questions about Your Account are listed to the left, and you may also find an answer to your question in the Related Categories. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, your Sales Consultant will have the answer at 877.899.8550 or 708.884.5050.

How do I change my e-mail address or password?

After logging into Titlewave, click on the Your Account link on the home page. In the User Information box, enter a new e-mail address and click the Update User Info button.

To change your password, click the Change Password button at the top of the User Information box. Follow the instructions to change your password.

What is Saved Lists?

Saved Lists provides a quick snapshot of the vital information about your lists, including list names, current list quantities and prices, when the lists were last modified, when lists expire, and when the guaranteed prices of the lists will update. Saved Lists also provides you with the ability to Activate or Inactivate your lists to help you manage them more efficiently. The "Toggle..." option from the Options menu gives you an easy way to switch your selected lists between Active and Inactive status. Inactivating a list may come in handy if you want to keep lists you've previously ordered separate from your Active lists. List check will still work with Active and Inactive lists. Only Active lists are reflected in the Saved Lists box on the homepage.

How do I update my account if I change schools?

To update your account information, please call Customer Service at 888.511.5114 ext. 45150 or 708.884.5150 with your new information.

Titlewave Questions: Contact your Sales Consultant at 877.899.8550 or 708.884.5050
Order Questions: Contact Customer Service at customerservice@follett.com or 888.511.5114 ext. 45150

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