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Titlewave lists are the tools to use once you’ve selected the items you want to purchase. Lists can be saved, duplicated, merged, sent to other people, and printed. They can be checked for duplicates and searched for specific titles, and lists have guaranteed pricing for 60 days. Titles on lists can also be sorted by title, author, most popular, Dewey/title, Dewey/author, and availability.

Lists are one of the items we get the most questions about. We’ve answered many of them to the left, and you may also find the answer to your question in the Related Categories. If you still have questions, your Sales Consultant will be glad to help at 877.899.8550 or 708.884.5050.

What is “First Choice”?

Marking titles as “first choice” tells us these are the titles that you definitely want to receive. For example, you may have over-ordered and given us a DNE (Do Not Exceed) amount. By marking titles as “First Choice,” we know those titles are the ones we should use to fulfill the DNE before other available titles on the list.

Can I make a copy of a list?

On the Titlewave home page, select which list you would like to make a copy of by clicking on it in the Saved Lists box, then click the Merge button. On the next screen, type in a name for the list copy where it says “Specify new list name,” but do not select a list to merge with (no list names should be checked). Click the Merge button to make a copy of the list. Your list copy will now appear in the Saved Lists box on the Titlewave home page.

Are the lists I merge automatically deleted?

When you merge lists, you are actually creating a new list with the contents of those merged lists. We do not automatically delete the original lists; you’ll still see them in your Saved Lists box until you choose to delete them yourself.

Can I change the name of my list?

If you decide the name of your list is no longer appropriate, you can change it with just a few keystrokes. On the Titlewave home page, click on the list you want to rename in the Saved Lists box, then click the Edit Name/Notes button. On the next page, type in a new name for your list, then click the Save button. Your renamed list will now appear in the Saved Lists box on the Titlewave home page.

How do I check for duplicate titles on my list?

Follett School Solutions highly recommends checking for duplicate titles on your lists before ordering so that you don’t accidentally order more copies of a title than you need. First you must open the list you want to check. Once you have a list open, look at the right side of the screen for the Find Duplicate Titles link. Click that link to see the titles on your current list that match. You then have the option to keep or discard the duplicate titles before returning to your list. If you want to discard multiple title copies, uncheck the boxes next to those titles and select “Remove Unwanted” from the Options pull-down menu. Click the Go button, and those titles will be removed from your list. To return to your list, click the Return to List link in the upper-right corner of the screen.

How do I merge a list?

Follett School Solutions makes merging lists easy. Ensure you are on the home page by clicking on “Home” in the upper left hand corner. In the “Saved Lists” box, click once on the name of one of your lists to highlight it. Click the “Merge” button located just above the “Saved Lists” box. In Step 1, type in a new name for your merged list. If you wish to delete your original lists, select “Delete original source lists and keep only the merged list” box. If you wish to keep your original lists, do not check the box. Continue to Step 2 and select the list(s) to merge. After completing Step 1 and Step 2, scroll up and click “save” in the upper left hand corner.

How do I find the notes about my list?

If you entered notes about your list when you created it, they will appear when you view your list before printing and on the printed lists themselves.

How do I add notes to my list?

If you want to add notes about your list, go to the Titlewave home page. Click on the name of the list in your Saved Lists box to highlight it, then click the Edit Name/Notes button. On the next page, add any list notes in the box provided, then click the Save button.

Please note that adding notes to your list is not the place to put special instructions about your order. This can be done during the Order Online process, or you can add this information to your purchase order.

What does “Guaranteed Prices” mean?

Follett School Solutions guarantees the prices on a list for 60 days from the creation date of the list. That means if you create a list on January 1st, the prices of the titles on the list will remain the same until March 1st.

What happens to my list once the Guaranteed Prices date passes?

Once 60 days have passed from the date you created your list, Titlewave will automatically update the prices on your list. The next time you open this list, there will be a message to alert you that the prices on your list have been updated. No other changes will be made to your list, and the new Guaranteed Price date will be 60 days from when you last opened the list.

Will my lists ever expire?

Lists expire 365 days from when they were last opened. To find out when your lists are going to expire, check your Saved Lists link in the Your Account, Saved Lists, & Order History section on the Titlewave home page. This will display all the lists you currently have and show the dates they will expire. To reset the “expiration clock,” simply open the list.

Why did I receive an e-mail saying that I have a list in my Titlewave Inbox?

When either Follett School Solutions or another Titlewave user sends a list to your Inbox, an e-mail is sent to let you know it’s waiting for you. If you do not want to be notified when this happens, you can turn this feature off. On the Titlewave home page, click on the Your Account link. Uncheck the box next to “Notify me by e-mail when new Titlewave Inbox items arrive” and then click the Update button.

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