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Titlewave's Collection Development

Collection Development is an advanced search that allows you to specify what criteria the items you purchase must meet. If you require your books to have reviews, you can choose to search by review sources. If you are looking for foreign language titles, you can select which languages to search. If you prefer specific bindings, indicate that here. All of these Collection Development options, plus many more, allow you to effectively narrow your search results for a manageable list.

We offer Collection Development for books, A/V items, and reading programs, if you have that option turned on. (To enable reading programs, go to the Titlewave home page and select the appropriate programs in the lower-right corner of the page.)

If you need further assistance with Collection Development, your Sales Consultant will be happy to assist you at 877.899.8550 or 708.884.5050.

Can I read reviews on Titlewave?

Titlewave shows full-text reviews from the following publications: Booklist, Criticas, Horn Book, Horn Guide, Kirkus, Library Journal, Library Media Connection, Publishers Weekly, and School Library Journal. If a title has been reviewed by one of these publications, the full-text review will appear at the bottom of the Title Detail page. Click on the blue More Info icon next to the title to see the Title Detail.

How do I search for foreign language or bilingual titles?

In Collection Development, type a keyword into the Search box, including “bilingual” if you want bilingual titles. Then choose the language you are looking for in the Languages box. If you are looking for books of more than one language, hold the CTRL key on a PC or Command (Apple) key on a Mac while clicking on the languages. After selecting the language or languages, click the Search: Books button to see your results.

How do I search for audiovisual titles?

There are several ways to access our audiovisual Collection Development page, depending on where you are on Titlewave:

  • If you are on the Titlewave home page, you can click the Audiovisual link under the Collection Development section on the left side of the screen.
  • If you are on a Collection Development search screen, look along the top of the page for the Books and Audiovisual tabs. Click on the Audiovisual tab to go to the appropriate search screen.

How do I search for multiple titles all at once?

Batch searching allows you to copy and paste a list of ISBNs or FLR numbers into a text box. Once you click search, we'll look for their exact match and display the available titles, unavailable titles, and unrecognized numbers. The Batch By ISBN or FLR Number search is one of the advanced search choices through Collection Development.

How do I search for titles using reading levels?

Within the “Basics” section of Collection Development, there are boxes to enter your desired reading level ranges. After you have entered the reading level values and any other search criteria, click the Search button.

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