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Our processing packages and custom processing provide the options your library needs. Your specifications are kept on file to ensure that your order is consistent and everything is correct for your library and/or classroom.

To help you with Cataloging and Processing, we’ve answered some common customer questions to the left. Other relevant information can be found in the Related Categories as well. If you still need assistance, Customer Service is ready to answer your questions at 888.511.5114 ext. 45150 or 708.884.5150.

Where do I set up my Cataloging and Processing specifications?

Cataloging and Processing specifications are found in the Your Account information area. On the Titlewave home page, click the Your Account link. On the right side of the next page, there is a Cataloging and Processing area. Click the appropriate Specify Options link to begin the process of entering Cataloging and Processing specifications.

How can I edit my Cataloging and Processing options?

To edit your book cataloging and processing options, click on the Your Account link on the Titlewave home page. In the Cataloging and Processing area, click on the Edit Options link under Book Specifications, then enter your changes into the Edit Options box. Your changes will be listed as “pending” until Customer Service can review them. They should be updated within 24 hours.

To add or edit your audiovisual Cataloging and Processing options, click on the Your Account link on the Titlewave home page. In the Cataloging and Processing area, click on the Specify Options link under A/V Specifications, then proceed through the steps to add or update any necessary information.

Why doesn’t my Cataloging and Processing information appear on my printed lists, even though I did select that option?

If you are a district user, you cannot enter Cataloging and Processing specs for your account because each individual school in your district will have school-specific specifications. Therefore, there is no information to be displayed on your printed lists. If you are not a district user and your Cataloging and Processing information does not appear, be sure that you chose to have it included when specifying print options by clicking the “Include Cataloging & Processing” button.

How do I calculate the list price including my Cataloging and Processing options?

To see the price of your list including Cataloging and Processing options, start on the Titlewave home page. Click on the name of the list in your Saved Lists box that you want to see, then click the Print button. Choose “Include Cataloging & Processing,” and the print view will display a grand total for the list.

How do I find my bar code range?

Your bar code range information is included in your Cataloging and Processing information. To review that information, first click on the Your Account link on the Titlewave home page. In the Cataloging and Processing area, choose “View Summary” under Book Specifications. On that report there will be a listing of your bar code range.

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