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Grades 6, 7 & 8

English Language Arts
Build critical-thinking skills and understanding through different cultural, historical, and contemporary contexts.

Coming of age

Internal struggle


Overcoming adversity

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Strengthen reading and literacy skills through text content, examples and support materials.

First person (point of view)

Third person (point of view)

Figurative language

Six Traits of Writing

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Explore a broad range of high-quality literary and informational texts covering a variety of styles.

Realistic fiction

Myths & legends

Historical fiction

Classic literature



Biography & autobiography

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Discover a variety of different forms and standards of composition — both factual and literary.

Argumentative writing

Informative & explanatory writing

Persuasive writing

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Social Studies
Learn more about our the U.S. government, history, and political structure.

U.S. Revolution

U.S. Civil War

World War II

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Emphasize the importance of civic participation and the basic rules of government.

U.S. Constitution

Political process

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Discover the history, regions and people of the Eastern Hemisphere.



World trade

United Nations

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Increase understanding of economic concepts, systems and financial literacy.

Money & currency

Financial literacy

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Take a trip through time and explore early cultural developments in government, writing, art and architecture.


Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

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Analyze the physical traits, behaviors and diversity of living things.


Ecosystems & biomes

Life cycle


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Compare and describe the earth’s resources, the Solar System, and changes in weather.


Water cycle

Solar System

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Investigate the properties distinguishing one substance from another, energy, motion and force.

Forces & motion

States of matter

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Apply the scientific process of making predictions and observations through inquiry and experiments.

Projects & experiments

Inventions & inventors

Scientific method



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Explore ratios, proportions, equations and statistics — with a focus on problem-solving and investigating realistic applications.

Real-world math


Statistics & probability

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Electives, World Languages & Special Education
Improve the skills to access, evaluate and create information responsibly using technology and digital resources.

Digital literacy

Social media

Online safety

Software engineering

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Support careers in innovative fields using applied technology and engineering.

Technology education

Support students with special needs — including physical, behavioral, mental and learning disabilities.

Special education

Perform, create and connect through creative expression — such as music, dance, drama and art.

Fine arts

Demonstrate a responsibility for health and fitness through an active lifestyle that fosters a lifelong commitment to wellness.

Prevention & safety

Alcohol & tobacco


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Strengthen knowledge and skills in a variety of world languages and cultures.



Sign language

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Introduce skills in meal preparation, healthy eating, home decorating and family life.


Child care

Interior design

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