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"The entire package of Follett School Solutions, from product to people, is exceptional. Customer service is excellent, turnaround and fill is superb. Their team is really invested in my library. They are always professional, patient and positive.”

Renee Dehoyos, Librarian
Cedar Bayour Jr High School
Baytown, Texas

Sandra Lingo, FLR Customer"You take such pride in being the best, and your effort pays off. I am looking forward to retirement this spring, and as I reflect on my association with Follett over the last seven years, I realize how much I've learned, thanks to your website. Thank you.”

Sandra Lingo, Media Specialist
Delhi Middle School
Cincinnati, Ohio

Sharon Nottleson, FLR Customer"I have been ordering books from your company for the past 11 years. I am retiring this year. I wanted you to know that you have been awesome to work with. Your website, ease of ordering books, turn-around in getting book orders, etc, have made my job so much easier because of your efficiency.

As I leave, I will be sure to pass on all the information my replacement needs so Franklin Elementary can continue working with Follett to get books for students into our library. Thank you again, for everything.”

Sharon Nottleson,
Franklin Elementary School
Loomis, CA

Vicki Fisher, FLR Customer"When I first heard about the federal stimulus initiative for education last year, I knew who could help me build the case for a portion of it going to our libraries. The first person I called was my Follett School Solutions Account Manager, Steve Jarrell. With very short notice, he and the entire Follett team jumped into gear and presented me with several incredible portfolios filled with data and documentation based on our collections and state library standards. The report showed both our individual campus needs and how much money per campus it would take to solve our collection deficiencies. Follett School Solutions and their TitleWise collection analysis tool and TitleMAP service totally came to the rescue. The documentation was the evidence needed to win a $2 million grant to revitalize our 44 libraries! Our wonderful Account Manager has been with us every step of the way. His involvement and patience has never flagged as he has worked side by side with us through months of preparation. Now that our books are arriving, he’s even available for unpacking and shelving! "

Vicki Fisher
Information Literacy Program Manager
Alief ISD
Houston, Texas

Linda Rankin, FLR Customer"During the past few years I have worked with many vendors and I would say that Follett is a glowing example of customer service! Every person that I have spoken to at Follett was always able to give me the answers that I needed as well as having a friendly, approachable manner of communication.

Thank you, Follett, for providing excellent services and quality products to our school!"

Linda Rankin
Project Specialist
Fremont Elementary School
Antioch, CA

Jennifer LaGarde"I wanted to take the opportunity to bring to your attention the outstanding customer service that Myrtle Grove MS receives from Follett through our Local Account Manager. There are literally, too many examples of the outstanding service that our Local Account Managers consistently provides us to list here, but let me just say this: working with him is like working with a member of the library community; we truly consider him a colleague, rather than a salesperson. From helping me to apply for the LSTA collection development grant (which we received!) to supporting literacy development programs within our school by conducting staff development outreach to our teachers after school, it is evident in everything he does, that he cares deeply about the success of our library and, about the success of the student-patrons that we serve. I have written to him in the past to express my gratitude for his outstanding service, but I imagine he is too humble to share this praise with others. That said, please feel free to pass my words on to anyone who might be in the position to pay him on the back. As I'm sure that you are aware, he is truly an asset to your organization and I, for one, feel fortunate to be able to work with him."

Jennifer LaGarde,
Library Media Specialist,
Myrtle Grove Middle School,
Wilmington, NC

MaryAnn Karre"I realize that I can buy the same books from any number of vendors, but I buy from Follett for the service! The selection of books and media is outstanding, and I can always be sure that my order will be filled quickly and properly, and the processing will always be right.

I have tried purchasing from other vendors, and I usually end up being dissatisfied; either the order is incomplete, or delivery is slow, or the cataloging is incorrect. With Follett orders, the books and the MARC records are received promptly, they are complete and just as requested! And I always know that, if I have questions or unique requests, our representative will respond quickly with just what I need and more. I rely on Follett for stress-free collection development. TITLEWAVE helps me make the most of my budget AND my time"

MaryAnn Karre, Teacher Librarian
Horace Mann Elementary School
Binghamton, New York

"Sandra Goldglantz, Everglades Elementary, FL asked what was the best and quickest way to try and replace books that were weeded out? Response from Brian Kelly, Cooper City High School, Broward Schools, FLL: Call your local account manager at Follett. He will be glad to come out and show you how Follett's "TITLEWAVE" can be used for Collection Development. I have found customer service to be way better with Follett than the other guys. Follett is able to get many of the titles that smaller jobbers cannot. I encourage others to give their views, but in my opinion, Follett will give you the "best bang for your buck and books"."

Brian Kelly,
Cooper City High School
Cooper City, FL

"We do the bulk of our ordering from Follett. The fill rate is great, and on the rare occasion there is a problem, it is taken care of immediately without any fuss. They are very customer service oriented, as I learned in the early 80's when they would not only print out a quote for you, but also print out accession book pages for your order. Now that we are freed from those needs, they provide service in other ways. TITLEWAVE, TitleCheck, and TitleWise are wonderful tools. The company is always open to suggestions for improvements. My Account Manager and Customer Care Consultant are the best!"

Sharon Harp, Librarian,
Robert E. Lee H.S. Library
Baytown, TX

"I have been very pleased with my first year ordering from Follett School Solutions. I have been in the library profession since 1968 and usually order directly from the publishing house. Follett makes it so easy and everyone I speak with is professional and extremely courteous. After so many years of processing in house Hurricane Katrina did help me let go of that responsibility. Follett has been helpful in the library renewal process."

Virginia Gex, Librarian
St. Stanislaus College
Bay St. Louis, MS

"Thank you so much for the great job you did on the core list. The collection is so well balanced! Everything is coming together beautifully."

Joseph Ruggieri, Librarian
Del Norte High School
San Diego, CA

"You have been just fabulous! Thank you very much for taking the time to go over all of this with me."

Ann Knoedl, Librarian
Conroe High School
Conroe, TX

"Follett Rules!!!!!! You are One Stop Shopping for me! Why should I go elsewhere…"

"Thank you for great service and ease of keeping track of orders. TITLEWAVE makes my life easier. I can even prepare POs from home."

"Thank you for all you do and for such wonderful service and quality products."

Laurel Jernigan, Librarian
Diamond Oaks Vocational School
Cincinnati, OH

"Our elementary schools were blessed with a grant from a private local foundation to purchase 50 Playaways per school. We have been using them in our libraries since the beginning of the school year with 4th and 5th graders. The students find them easy to use and seem to be enjoying them immensely. Playaways bring classic and modern literature to students in a technologically familiar way. Some students have digital iPods® or MP3 players at home and others dream of having them at home…now all of our 4th and 5th grade students can come to the library and listen to digital audiobooks every week. Our students are given time during each library class to listen to their books and keep track of their progress in individual listening library logs. I have heard several students express how "cool" the Playaways are. They are excited to come and hear what is going to happen next in their story."

"One of the best things about Playaways, in my opinion, is that children can listen to any story - no matter what their "reading level" is. Some students might have trouble decoding text, but are very capable of comprehension. Digital audiobooks help students to be exposed to higher level vocabulary that they might be unable to decode otherwise. The more they can hear higher level stories and vocabulary, the more likely they will be able to understand it and possibly decode it later on during a reading experience. I am grateful to Follett for making this technology available, at an affordable price, to their library customers.

Andrea Michel, Librarian
Akron & Mentone Elementary
N. Manchester, IN

"I am the librarian/media specialist at Creighton School, an inner city Phoenix K-8 school. The last statistic I recall for free and reduced lunch here is 94% of our school that qualifies. Many of our students tell me they don't have books in their homes and as each year begins, we spend some time talking about the proper treatment of library books."

"Despite this, when my Follett rep introduced me to my first Playaway I knew I hade to make these available to my students. Most of them do not own cool MP3 players; they want them, but understand their parents can't provide them."

"We started with just 4 and required that the students also check out the book and follow along. We explained the power of listening and reading simultaneously. We also informed the classroom teachers these would be used in their rooms during silent reading time."

"These are simply the most popular thing in the whole library! Students walk around with their book worn proudly around theirs necks. I have observed both in the library and in the classrooms students with books open ...following along...and totally immersed in their book. Students are reading books higher than their reading level because listening vocabulary is higher than sight vocab. We now have ten titles and plan to increase our selection each year! Playaways are simply the best thing since ...I asked a student to complete this sentence because I know "sliced bread" is a dreadfully old cliche...his reply? "The best thing since iPods®."

Valerie Grimes, Librarian/Media Specialist
Creighton Elementary School
Phoenix, AZ

Nancy Harris"I will have to say, one more time, as a librarian I don't know what I would do without Follett and TITLEWAVE. It makes my life so much easier to be able to login on your server, search the titles I need, create a list and save it there ready. I just send my list online knowing my specs and data stored and you are ready to take care of me."

Nancy Harris, Librarian
University of Memphis Campus School
Memphis, TN

"Just wanted you to know that I am so impressed with the speed in which you are processing orders this year!!! My children will be so happy to have these new books. Thanks for being the greatest book company in the world!!"

Kreta Slatton, Librarian
Centertown School
McMinnville, TN

"I just wanted to pass on to you what a great rep you have. I worked with him many times since he took on the job as our NC account representative, both in Stokes and Forsyth counties, and he has always been helpful, courteous, and respectful of our needs and of our busy schedules. He always calls first to see if it is convenient to come by, which I greatly appreciate, as some companies do not extend that courtesy. I am always happy to see him, as he always has some new Follett feature to show me or is able to answer a question or steer me to a new resource. I am definitely a Follett-loyal customer, and it is as much to the professionalism of the account reps and customers service staff as it is to the high quality service I have come to expect of Follett. He is really well-informed and has always been able to help me, either with an instant answer or a prompt follow-up. In this time of economic uncertainty, we really try to spend our limited dollars wisely, and knowing that we receive both quality products and excellent service and attention to our needs does help maintain our customer loyalty to the Follett company."

"Employees like our rep are definitely one reason why I am happy to do business with Follett, as I am always assured that my concerns are taken seriously and any questions or problems will be resolved promptly and satisfactorily. Thank you for the commitment to excellent customer satisfaction and service. I have always found the Follett reps to be outstanding, and he is certainly no exception. I do appreciate the personal commitment of representatives like our rep. All too often customers complain when things go wrong, but I believe we often neglect to let people know they are doing the right thing. Please know that your loyal customers appreciate the outstanding service and support we receive from Follett "

Samra Childers, Media Coordinator
Forest Park Elementary
Winston-Salem, NC

Della Curtis"Thank you so much for your continued stellar support and interest in our library media program. Follett rocks! In my opinion, it is the ONLY source for which school libraries should do business!"

Della Curtis, Library Coordinator
Baltimore Public Schools
Baltimore, MD

Jean Kilker"My students immediately loved Teen Health and Wellness. I did not have to convince them to use this product instead of a global search of the Internet. Finding their topic of choice is easy, the entries are readable, and the information and graphics match their assignments. Our Health teachers and counselors are positive on this product too."

Jean Kilker, Librarian
Maryvale High School
Phoenix, AZ

"I love the Follett Digital Reader"

Robert Godel
Southgate Middle School
Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada

"Learning Props give families hands-on, interactive tools to get conversations started. Conversation – listening and talking – is the most critical early literacy skill..

Learning Props give families fun, portable, easy tools to get kids ready for school in a developmentally-appropriate way."

Chris Kelley, National Early Childhood Trainer and Consultant,
Children, Inc.
Covington, KY

Ginny Thompson"I was given a large budget to order books for the opening of the newly assigned Oak Ridge High School 9th Grade Campus. It was an overwhelming task as I was still managing the Oak Ridge High School library budget. It was necessary for me to review, select, purchase, and process and shelve books valued around $100,000.00.

We wanted to open the school library in full operation. That meant that these books had to be on the shelf, fully processed. The only way this could happen was to use Follett’s complete ordering system, which no other company that I was aware, offers.

Representatives worked with me to establish a list of books that were suited for ninth grade curriculum throughout Texas. These core lists were sent to me and I was able to review many of them using Follett’s database that included many different ratings. Using this system greatly reduced the amount of time spent in the selection of these books.

An agreement was made with Follett, since the amount of books ordered was substantial, to have the books processed, delivered and put on the shelves, ready for check-out. It did happen. My local Account Manager, after the books have been delivered, came with several assistants and put all the books in order under my supervision, so that they were in "all the right places."

Follett did exactly as they had contracted. Everything went well. I can’t say enough how smoothly everything went and how much easier the ordering process went as a result of Follett’s system, their willingness to cooperate and the fine people who helped along the way. "Kudos" to an excellent company, Follett. "

Ginny Thompson, Librarian
Oak Ridge High School 9th Grade Campus
Conroe, TX

Pam Storm"As I look out into my brand new library, I am very thankful for all the wonderful help I got from Follett. From the very beginning, I have had help whenever I needed it. I know that if a different company had been the supplier of my library books, the job would not have been done so efficiently.

I especially want to thank my local Account Manager, who helped me from the very start, back in February and went the extra mile to help put the books on the shelves and help get things organized. He even called me while he was on vacation to make sure everything was in order for the delivery of books the next week. I’m expecting my next shipment of books early next week and I can’t wait. I know I will depend on Follett to supply my library books for as long as I am a librarian."

Margie Cutting, Librarian
Goose Creek Memorial High School
Baytown, TX

"Your Learning Props kits are very popular in the library. Many, many families have enjoyed hours of fun with them."

Jennifer Einwalter
Slinger Community Library
Slinger, WI

"I love the playaways! I think that Follett has ‘stepped up to the plate’ and taken a step toward providing new technology for Lower School students. As a Lower School librarian, I really appreciate it. Much of the new technology introduced to schools is geared toward middle and upper school students. It is nice to see something new and exciting for my younger students!"

Debra Wilhoit
Lower School Librarian
Providence Day School
Charlotte, NC


"I am writing to say thank you for Follett's excellent service. I originally switched to using Follett as my primary jobber due to Follett's reputation for being flexible. Since then, Follett's commitment to customer service has exceeded my expectations.

Three times in the past 10 years, Follett has come to my rescue. Each time was for a different type of problem that Follett readily fixed even though they were not directly responsible for any of the issues. For example one time we discovered a manufacturing defect in a DVD the last week of school. Follett overnighted a replacement DVD so that we could show a culminating movie for a class before the end of the school year.

Again, I appreciate Follett's commitment to quality and excellent service."

Deb Logan, Librarian/Media Specialist
Mount Gilead High School
Mount Gilead, OH


Pam Storm

"In the spring of 2007, I received a grant which allowed for the purchase of 111 eBooks. The eBooks have proved popular with kids. I have demonstrated the books at faculty meetings, parent nights, and in classes. I send directions for home access a couple of times per year, demonstrate the eBooks in class several times per year, and offer a challenge/prize for reading one at home. The use is starting to take off. I also made Reading Counts quizzes for all the eBooks, which is another encouragement for kids to read them. We have an autistic boy who is very fascinated by computers and he loves reading the eBooks. One of my top readers in first grade has read many if not all our eBooks. I just got my order for another 28 books."

Ms. Pam Storm, Librarian
Carl Sandburg Elementary School
Charleston, Illinois


"I just wanted to take a second to let you know how much I love the Playaways. I find them to be not only ingenious, but convenient and well, to be perfectly honest, a librarian's dream, especially for students who hate to read. They are a great sell for boys who "have to check out a book." Because they so closely resemble iPods, students don't mind checking them out, as opposed to a book on CD or tape. The greatest drawback, though, is that I typically have them checked out to myself because I enjoy them so much, whether it's when I am grocery shopping or at the gym. I cannot wait to see what new titles will be coming out. So, thanks again."

Kristen Gladden, Librarian
Ross Sterling Middle School
Humble, TX


"Thank you so much for providing great service at the best price. I have been in my current job for over five years and no one can beat your prices or your customer service! You have made creating and maintaining an efficient library so easy. We have gone from a library with a handful of books to one with well over 3,000 titles. No one does it like each and every one of you."

Julia Pitau, Media & Intervention Technician
Denair Charter Academy
Denair, CA


"Over 25 years of experience with Follett, the best fill rate, the best turnaround. Thank you."

Ruth Edwards, Librarian
Mary Lillard Intermediate School
Mansfield, TX

"My local Account Manager came out to my school yesterday. He was extremely helpful and gave me a great demonstration of the major features of TitleWise and TITLEWAVE. I’m very excited about what’s available to me as a Media Specialist ...that which will make my job of collection development easier, less time consuming, and more efficient. Bravo Follett, this is great!"

Carolyn Talpasz, Media Specialist
Davie Elementary School
Davie, FL

"I am happy to say that our opening day collection experience for Colonel John Wheeler Middle School was outstanding in every way. Our local Account Manager skill-fully assisted us in all aspects of the process. They participated in every step from the initial planning and budgeting all the way to the shelving of the books.

All of this was accomplished within budget and on time. Colonel John Wheeler Middle School – Media Specialist, Carol McMichael and I could not be happier with the results. Our new middle school has a carefully planned, attractively displayed and accessible print collection that addresses the needs of our students and faculty.

Working together, my local Account Manager and Carol completed a project that deserves recognition and praise."

George Tachtiris
Crown Point Community School Corporation
Crown Point, IN

"We purchased the Playaways through Follett School Solutions, the only source for them that I know of. We allow the students to check out the whole unit, and we do require that they also check out the companion book. This program has been very successful with all grade levels and is particularly helpful to our English as a New Language population.

I use TITLEWAVE, the online Follett ordering mechanism, for almost all of my ordering. I have found that Follett School Solutions is outstanding in every way and have used them for many years. Fill rate is excellent and the website is very user–friendly. I do not actually order online, rather print out my orders when I am ready as quotations and send the print copy to our central office who in turn sends on to Follett. Follett sends MARC records, which can be downloaded into any circ/catalog system, to my online account when orders are ready to ship. Accounts can be customized for ordering any way you wish. If you need help with TITLEWAVE or any of the Follett services, such as TitleWise Collection Analysis, which is very helpful in determining strengths and weakness of your collections, contact a School Support Specialist. I’m certain they’ll be happy to assist if you need help in setting up an online account for your library."

Susan Sharp, Library Media Specialist
West Noble Middle School
Ligonier, IN

"I needed a way to display our new Playaway titles for our students, because I wanted to let everyone know about our new Playaway collection (we didn’t have any audio books prior to these). Luckily, Follett packages them in nice stand-up boxes, so I was able to display them all out on the front counter without having to find other material to showcase them. Also, Follett also had a nice color sheet advertising the Playaways - perfect for our display! All I needed to add was a short description, and right away, we had an instant display. It was exactly what we needed, too. Within minutes of finishing the display, we had students checking them out. When I returned from lunch that day, the supervising librarian assistant walked up to me with a big smile on her face and said she’d never seen anything like it: in our comfy reading chairs, we had several of our rowdiest students curled up, listening to different books.

Since then, our Playaways have had a steady stream of customers, and we couldn’t be happier. We’re always excited to be in on the latest thing, and the students are excited too! I use TITLEWAVE a lot as well to search for different titles, Playaway or otherwise, and it so easy. My Account Manager is always there for anything I need. Thanks for all your help, Follett!"

Kelly Jo Lasher
School Library Media Specialist
Middle Township High School
Cape May Court House, NJ

"I love the Playaways! I think that Follett has ’stepped up to the plate’ and taken a step toward providing new technology for Lower School students. As a Lower School librarian, I really appreciate it. Much of the new technology introduced to schools is geared toward middle and upper school students. It is nice to see something new and exciting for my younger students!"

Debra Wilhoit
Lower School Librarian
Providence Day School
Charlotte, NC

"My Account Manager suggested I share with you how we use the Read-At-Home Backpacks here at Pine Bush Elementary School. We purchased a backpack for each of our kindergarten, first, and second grade classes. In addition to the book and activity sheet that comes with the backpack, we also include a letter from me explaining the program and a marble notebook for parents and/or students to write a note or draw a picture about their experience sharing the books. The classroom teachers keep track of who has the backpack on a sign-out sheet we prepare. The Read-at-Home Backpack program was highly successful last year. Parents and kids loved cuddling up and sharing the books. The journals were really fun to read."

Lisa Ruyack, LMS
Pine Bush Elementary School
Pine Bush, NY

"Once again, I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful meeting yesterday and all of the excellent information and support that sprang from it!

From my beginning in the profession, I have been impressed with Follett School Solutions, and yesterday was one more strong example of your exceptional professionalism, resources, assistance, understanding, and much more.

I look forward to working with you on how we can bring the East Hills Middle School Media Center up to the standards I’ve always wished for from the start. Although it will no doubt be a long journey, it is reassuring to know that we finally feel in a position to take action and move in the right direction with your help.

Two hours is a long amount of time in anyone’s work day, so again, my most sincere appreciation for devoting your morning to Nutan and me, we greatly enjoyed the discussion and are excited about the possibilities ahead."

Holly Smith, Media Specialist
East Hills Middle School
Bloomfield Hills, MI

"I feel a great need to pause in the midst of this hectic year to send you a word: thanks. Actually, it should be THANKS! Opening a new school takes so much more effort than I remembered. There are new facilities and new equipment; new relationships and new procedures; just about new everything except my old friend and comrade-in-books, my Account Manager.

Ira A. Fulton Elementary School recently had its dedication. So many people, from the Fulton family to visiting dignitaries, paused in the library and took note of our wonderful collection. Even more noteworthy is the fact that every day, students, teachers, and even parents tell me how wonderful the Fulton Library is. I know it wouldn’t have happened so well without my Account Manager.

Follett continues to be my professional solace for the books we need and the software to keep everything humming. I, too, am humming a happy tune because of the results you helped me achieve. All those visits, phone calls, emails, and hours hefting books are most appreciated by all of us at Fulton Elementary School. Please accept my heartfelt thanks."

Jeanie Sanders, Teacher-Librarian
Ira A. Fulton Elementary School
Chandler, AZ

"Last year was my first year as a librarian and I was consumed with cataloging titles and having to figure out what needed to be purchased in my library without ordering duplicate titles. TITLEWAVE, TitleWise and TitleCheck helped me greatly last year and I look forward to working with Follett School Solutions this year as well. I loved how TITLEWAVE will show if a title on my list was ordered in the past or if it is on a current list. I also like the SLJ lists. They give me ideas for current title selection. TITLEWAVE has allowed me to spend more time helping my students, not ordering."

Shirley Dulworth, Librarian
Hirsch Elementary School
Spring, TX

"I first contacted my School Support Specialist this summer, letting her know that my district had just approved the initiation of a preschool classroom library program. Explaining that I needed quickly to select books that coordinated with the Pre-K themed curriculum, my School Support Specialist swiftly swung into action. Taking into consideration the various guidelines and recommended reading lists I supplied, she provided me with excellent theme-based lists of books to consider. Not only did I appreciate the expertise with which she organized the titles for me to select, but I especially appreciated the professional dialogs we engaged in, which helped me greatly to clarify my start-up preschool library procedures and goals. Being able to consult with my School Support Specialist, who is as personable as she is knowledgeable about books and preschoolers, has been an immeasurable blessing as I meet my new responsibilities. Quite frankly, what seemed like an overwhelming task when I first was given the selection timetable became an easy-to-accomplish joy with her partnership and assistance. I relied on my School Support Specialist, and time and time again, she came through for me!"

"Not only did my School Support Specialist do her piece of the job efficiently and effectively, but she never dropped the ball, even when her piece was accomplished. Rather, she continued coordinating with other team members (both behind the scenes and in conference calls) to make sure that the entire process ran smoothly."

"Although I have commended my School Support Specialist personally for what I have found to be exemplary performance, and have let my supervisor know the same, I felt it was important – and only conscionable – to let you know how impressed and grateful I am for all her assistance. As you know, there are a number of vendors that we can choose from. On behalf of Follett School Solutions, my School Support Specialist has earned my respect, loyalty, and trust."

Thank you for supporting and empowering your School Support Specialists to give the kind of customized care that clients find endearing. Kudos to you."

Barbara Krawiec, Library Media Specialist
Redwood School
West Orange, NJ

"How do you shelve 20,000 books in two days? Call Follett!"

"As a first year librarian opening a new middle school, I was a little bit apprehensive about the task of arranging 20,000 books. I couldn’t picture what that would be like. Luckily my Account Manager calmed my nerves by quickly answering my numerous questions, and assuring me he would be there to help with the process. True to his word, he was able to receive the delivery while I was in a meeting, and stayed close by my side while unloading all 550+ boxes and shelving a few thousand books himself! The true Dewey order was fantastic and helped ensure a speedy set up. I would highly recommend Follett to anyone opening a new library."

"Thanks, Follett and thanks to my Account Manager for a great beginning!"

Lucy Podmore, Librarian
Wallace B. Jefferson Middle School
San Antonio, TX

"Thank you for all your help and patience with me. I love using your system. Our secretary finds it the best system to work with also. I appreciate that my Local Account Manager took the time to show us how to use many of the programs. We have used the service to identify our strengths and weaknesses, and this will make a great tool when we order for the 2007-08 school year. Again thank you."

Ingrid Finning, Librarian
Woodland Middle School
East Meadow, NY

"I recently attended Spring Book Look and while there I was reminded why I use Follett School Solutions almost exclusively. My library opened 4 years ago with a $500 yearly book budget. Despite the small budget, my Local Account Manager continued to stop by and show me how to use TITLEWAVE, upload records into TitleWise®, drop off posters and catalogs, and check in and make sure we knew he was available should we need anything. Of course, TITLEWAVE is a huge help. Teachers use it all the time to look up reading levels and search for titles for different units they are developing. Our tiny budget was spent at Follett School Solutions because of the ease of TITLEWAVE and ordering, as well as for our Local Account Manager and all he did for us.

This year we received a huge federal grant. Word got out to vendors, and they have been calling me nonstop. The first question I ask is: ’Where were you before we got the grant?’ I then proceed to tell them that Follett School Solutions and our Local Account Manager supported our school no matter how much money I had to spend.

It only seems fair to tell you that Follett School Solutions’ service is unparalleled. Thanks for the great service and especially for our Local Account Manager. He is the best... he really has Philadelphia school libraries’ interest at heart."

Carrie Higgins, Librarian
Wissahickon Charter School
Philadelphia, PA

"I just had to send a quick note to thank you for the new TITLEWAVE feature that allows me to save items as whole sets! I recently started working on my next order with Follett School Solutions using the wonderful collection development tools on the TITLEWAVE website and was very excited and pleased to see the new feature. I’ve been waiting for this change and it came just in time to use on my new order."

Ann Marshall, Librarian
Cleveland Hill Middle/High School
Cheektowaga, NY


It’s been a pleasure corresponding with you. I want you to know that I’ve been very pleased with Follett School Solutions, when it comes to ease-of-order, customer service, and my Local Account Manager.

To be honest, I avoided ordering from Follett School Solutions for a year after I took this position. I did finally learn that the companies I was using did not offer the level of support and care that I wished to see. Follett School Solutions does.

The manner in which you have handled my bungling of this order very clearly reflects that commitment to customer care and support. I appreciate that a great deal.

Thanks so much!"

Carlene Gray, Media Specialist
Arcola Elementary School
Arcola, IN


"I had to write to tell you how happy I am with the latest orders I placed with Follett School Solutions. The two shipments idea is fantastic. I got the first batch right away, and the other came soon after. All the orders I placed lately have been absolutely accurate, and you came so close to the Do Not Exceed amount I could not believe it.

I am especially impressed with the speed that the orders have been filled. You have certainly streamlined your warehouse operations to get things in and out more quickly, and that is such a positive improvement.

Thanks so much for a job well done! You will have my loyalty and business in the future."

Carolyn Grede, LMS
Robert Crown Elementary School
Wauconda, IL


"I have been a librarian for 27 years. Whatever did I do before I discovered Follett School Solutions?

That’s the question I ask myself every time I need materials for my library.

Follett School Solutions has all the answers. All I have to do is pick up the phone and ask. Or, when I have more time, I go online to TITLEWAVE and have a wonderful time searching for materials.

Ahhh, TITLEWAVE. What a state-of-the-art tool. All of my library’s personal data right there at my fingertips. Ordering books has never been so easy. Order my AR tests along with my books. Make comparisons and ask for titles or tests I already have.

I frequently go to TitleWise for my individual library’s collection analyses. Amazing. And so easy and simple to do.

Each library is assigned to a very knowledgeable Account Manager of Follett School Solutions to help answer our questions. All I have to do is tell my Account Manager a few details of what I want and how much money I have and voilà – in a matter of a very short time my list is on my TITLEWAVE log in page for me to print out and hand in with a purchase order. My materials come fully processed according to my specifications along with an electronic email to download and integrate my new material into my collection.

For example, my principal got an unexpected grant of $1500.00. She needed a list from me within an hour, meeting the grant’s guidelines. I called Follett School Solutions, explained the circumstances and within 20 minutes we had a list to print out.

Thank you, Follett School Solutions. I love and appreciate how you make my job much easier with having so many things to do and so little time to spare."

Sherry Mraovich, Librarian
Pueblo School District No. 70
Pueblo, CO


"Without a doubt, the monumental task of opening a new school library was made so much easier for me thanks to the unending support of the entire Follett School Solutions team.

I know not where to begin when it comes to thanking my Follett School Solutions Account Manager. He kept in close contact with me throughout the entire process. On every occasion, whether it be our countless face-to-face meetings, emails filled with questions, or phone calls, I was greeted courteously and always felt that I had his support throughout the process. He even came dressed to help the day we put thousands of books, shipped by Follett School Solutions, on the shelves.

The Follett School Solutions support team also proved to be invaluable with their assistance. The very few issues that we had were taken care of within several days by the Customer Care Consultants assigned to me. The personal attention given to me once again from this department of the company makes me a loyal Follett School Solutions customer.

As a new media specialist, the ease of working with TITLEWAVE was a true godsend. I continue to use TITLEWAVE nearly everyday. Developing a collection from the beginning, TITLEWAVE became my lifeline. At every step of the way I could see how much money I was spending, I could easily review all the books in a particular series, and I could balance my developing collection in innumerable ways. I can’t imagine not using TITLEWAVE to build a new library collection.

I highly recommend Follett School Solutions to media specialists who are charged with building a new library collection."

Cathy Witchey, Media Specialist
Glacier Ridge Elementary School
Dublin, OH


"Follett School Solutions was with me every step of the way in my journey to open a new middle school in Falls Church, Virginia (grades 5-7) in 2004. I can honestly say that TitleWise has been my collection development lifesaver. It is open on my desktop every morning and is also used when students or teachers ask me about a book – to read reviews, determine age-appropriateness, locate a call number, or to generate lists. With Follett School Solutions, outstanding customer service and person-to-person contact build a lasting bond for business. I cannot say enough about my Account Manager, who is always there for me when I have a question or concern. He gave his time to help shelve the opening collection (without the benefit of air conditioning) those first few days after a mound of boxes arrived. Thank you, Follett School Solutions, for your excellence!"

Adele Eskin, Librarian
Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School
Falls Church, VA


"I knew I was pushing things when I submitted my order only last week (Tuesday, January 23rd) and then asked if it could be delivered by Monday, February 5th. It came today, Friday, February 2nd, and 95% filled! You folks are fantastic! Thank you for your help on this special request. Not only do I appreciate your fine service on this order, but on every other that I have received. We love your service and your products here!"

"Thanks again!"

Merrie Wood, Media Specialist
Muir Elementary School
Bountiful, UT

"I don’t see any reason to be ordering from anyone else, Follett’s support is the best!"

Betty Will, Media Specialist
St. Anthony Catholic School,
San Antonio, FL


"I am not a big fan of previewing the books. Since I’m a high school librarian I deal in larger quantities of books to order than the elementary school librarians in my district. I just would not have the time to preview, which is why TITLEWAVE is so indispensable to me: it helps me enormously in my job. What would be better than previewing the physical books would be to expand the online viewing options of books. Currently, some books can be viewed (other than the cover image), such as table of contents, sample pages, etc. I realize there are huge copyright issues involved, but I would MUCH prefer to preview books online rather than open and unpack boxes, sort, preview, take notes, pack books not kept, etc."

"I love the continuing improvements to TITLEWAVE, especially the listing of titles on other lists. Follett School Solutions is such a responsive company for librarians – thank you!

Jacqueline Landahl, Library Media Specialist
Grandview High School
Grandview, MO


"I just wanted to let you know that I just put out my 6 Playaway ‘books’ this morning and I only have ONE left! The kids LOVE this format!! They are great!"

Mary Ellen Yonker, Librarian
New Caney Ninth Grade Campus
Porter, TX


"Follett School Solutions has always been a wonderful company for me. They have always gone the extra mile to make sure my needs were met in a personal and professional way. I’m always sure that they will do what it takes to make me happy. I wouldn’t trade them for the world."

Rusty Hunt, Librarian
Gorenflo Elementary School
Biloxi, MS


"This morning I talked to one of your Customer Care Consultants about having both my schools in TITLEWAVE for specs and wish lists. I told her how wonderful I think Follett School Solutions is and how helpful the site and the people are. Last year I was able to take the collection development suggestion list and pick and choose from it as money became available. Everyone is pleased and impressed with our collection; they want to know how I did it and swear they wouldn’t have been able to pull it off. They’re impressed with me. I just smile and tell them I know what resources to use...my resources? Follett School Solutions and all that you offer! You make me look good as a librarian! Thanks.

This year when I was sent to Fitzhugh Lee to re-do their library, I was told to ‘work the magic again.’ I smiled quietly, knowing full well, I’d be back on that TITLEWAVE Web site!

I wish you all could have seen these ‘bad kids’, kids in alternative school, oohing and aahing over brand new books, rubbing the covers with care, smelling that new smell. I wish you all could have seen these teenagers who’ve been in jail and have to be escorted through the halls turn to me and say, ‘How did we get new books? Who cares about us, Ms. Early?’, and ‘Can we really check them out? We can use them?’ I’m a hero around here. But I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks for helping me give to the kids who need it most and need it desperately. They truly appreciate it. I will continue to use your services whenever I can."

Linda Early, LMS, Hawthorne/Fitzhugh Lee Librarian
HAVEN Academy, Cobb County School System
Smyrna, GA


"Last year I found myself in the unenviable task of running the library here at Liberty Elementary School...and launching Accelerated Reader all by myself. I would have gone stark raving mad had it not been for my Account Manager. He went above and beyond the call of duty to help me. His tireless enthusiasm and assistance was immeasurable. He kept me sane enough to witness our circulation numbers reach their highest level ever. He recommended series and titles for me to purchase which soon became kids’ favorites.

I would also like to recognize my Customer Care Consultant. She always cheerfully handled every situation. When a book was received damaged, one phone call to her took care of it. Any questions I have are always answered promptly. My Account Manager and Customer Care Consultant are a fantastic team and are outstanding representatives of Follett School Solutions’ superior customer service.

Again, many, many thanks to Follett School Solutions. I won’t purchase books anywhere else."

Ellen Haberer, Library Media Technician
Liberty Elementary School
Scottsdale, AZ


"I absolutely LOVE the new features added to TitleCheck™. It is a great time saver to have you comparing our current selections to previous lists we have compiled. With budget dollars so tight I do not want to order a duplicate copy unintentionally, and this saves me having to check my other lists."

Gail Arndt, Librarian
Elmwood Elementary School
Lansing, MI


"Opening a new school Library is a daunting task. The Follett School Solutions Corporation and my local Account Manager made this overwhelming assignment a lot easier. He was there to help me in a variety of ways. He broke down the pallets of boxes and moved them from the drop point to the Library. For two days he helped me put the books on the shelves. When I needed to replace titles for curriculum reasons, he worked with me to box up the books and expedite the replacement titles. My Account Manager is always available by phone or email for any questions or problems. All the service I received I feel went over and above. I never could have been able to open the new Library so soon if it had not been for the help and service from Follett."

Terry Lai, Library Media Teacher
Dianne Feinstein Elementary School
San Francisco, CA


"TITLEWAVE helped me do my formal observation project last year. I based my observation on updating our science and social studies collection to help our 4-5 graders better prepare for the state tests which are taken each year. I studied sample state tests and looked at topics covered. I used TitleWise to get rid of our old materials then of course TITLEWAVE to find new materials. One of my goals was to show that the age of the science and social study collection improved.

My principal was impressed with the charts and statistics I printed out from TitleWise (and in color!). I was thrilled when at the end of the year Roosevelt Elementary School’s science and social studies collection improved by three years after weeding. I showed my principal the Collection Analysis Overview from the beginning of the year to June and how the average age improved. I felt like TitleWise did most of the work for me! I felt like I was doing a commercial for TITLEWAVE by showing my principal all the neat features it has for our library.

Susie Sheard, Library Media Specialist
Roosevelt Elementary School
Kenosha, WI


"This is a wonderful service you offer. I am always most impressed by the ease and efficiency with which these complete reports are prepared. And, I love to enhance my status with my principals by printing their very own copies of TitleWise...they love it as well. "

Bonnie Rhoads, Librarian
Southeast Elementary School
Palmyra, PA

"The My Notes field in TITLEWAVE is a PERFECT example of why I love Follett. You guys LISTEN to what we wanted and, if possible, you guys PROVIDE what we need. I love it when people help make my job easier!"

Debbi Oswalt, Library Media Specialist
Rolling Hills Elementary
Mukwonago, WI


"I just wanted to let you know that I love the new TITLEWAVE, which indicates whether the book I am looking for is already on my list or another list. It saves so much time. Thank you."

Sue Myers
Nitrauer Elementary Library
Lancaster, PA


"I have purchased 20 Playaway Digital products..., and they are continually checked out. I can’t say enough about how great these products are for my students and staff.

Playaway Digital Media is the future of audiobooks. I buy our required curriculum on audio books and shelve them with our regular books, yet their use is limited as many homes don’t even have a cassette player anymore and protecting the CDs and their risk of loss and damage is often greater than the opportunity they provide in use."

Kara S. Scheurman, K12 Library Director
School District of Brown Deer
Brown Deer, WI


"This Summer I opened my third new library within the past 14 years. This was by far my best experience yet. The entire process, from placing the order to shelving the books, went very smoothly. Only those who have lived through this process can appreciate Follett’s True Dewey packaging. With 3 parent volunteers and our account manager, we were able to shelve over 13,000 books in less than 2 days. Thanks, Follett, for a job well done!"

Sylvia Groves, Librarian
Manvel High School
Alvin ISD, Manvel, TX


"Follett School Solutions is the company I depend on for ‘Outstanding Support’ in my library media center! Invariably, they have the books and A/V I need, when I need them. Their processing is always to my exact specifications and Follett helps me involve my teachers and students in selection via TITLEWAVE. Imagine all these things and I have a company representative who is knowledgeable, warm, and generous with his time! I always recommend Follett."

Catherine Beyers, Library Media Specialist
Southern Bluffs Elementary School
La Crosse, WI


"I would like to compliment Follett School Solutions for the wonderful customer support I have received in implementing an opening day collection for our new Canyon Oaks Elementary School in American Canyon. As usual, my Account Manager has been a great resource in expediting the orders. He is always so calm and organized! The opening day collection list was a fabulous basic starter list which I easily customized to fit more of the California standards. Customer Service has been terrific with documentation, follow up, and suggestions! It feels wonderful to be on schedule with this collection and to know I have the best support possible in case there is some sort of unforeseen snag.

It’s interesting that over the years that my admin team has come to view Follett as more of a resource than a vendor. Napa Valley Unified School District has had a well-established relationship with you and we remember that we were treated with the same level of customer service whether we were doing small orders or large opening day collections.

Again thanks to everyone!"

Kate MacMillan, Coordinator Library Services
Napa Valley Unified School District
Napa, CA

"I found myself in a situation that needed immediate correction. I called Follett School Solutions Customer Service. They spent time with me adjusting the order and helping me to order different books. Customer Service was wonderful! They were patient, helpful, understanding, efficient, organized, and just plain pleasant. It was so nice to work with a person instead of a voicemail machine. They spent a lot of time with me and I was appreciative of their efforts."

Debbie Pecinovsky, Auxiliary Clerk
Holy Spirit School
Columbus, OH

"I was successful doing the library analysis the first time, although I had to run it twice to get all my prefixes on it. It was amazing! My principal was totally impressed and started talking funding right away. It is a terrific service and I just want to thank you. Thank you!!"

Catherine Kidder, Librarian
Newbury Elementary School
Newbury, VT

"Sheridan Elementary School in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, recently had the pleasure of working with one of Follett School Solutions’s Account Managers in ordering the very finest materials for early readers. I was impressed with both your representative’s knowledge of the product and the product itself. We ordered more than $1,000 worth of SandCastle series books and have already found great success with our young students. The visuals, print, and nonfiction emphasis are all extremely motivating for the otherwise reluctant readers in our building. Your use of photographs depicting a diversity of cultures is very much appreciated here at Sheridan in particular, where more than 80% of the student population is a minority.

I look forward to working with your Account Managers again in the future and have recommended this series to my peers as a valuable tool in teaching children using nonfiction materials."

Geralyn Leannah, Reading Specialist/Teacher
Sheridan Elementary School
Sheboygan, WI