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JULY 2015


Jean Craighead George’s Birthday (b. 1919) - (d. May 15, 2012) - About the Author

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Cynthia Kadohata’s Birthday (b. 1956) - About the Author

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Independence Day (U.S.)

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Or Star a Trial TodayA.D.A.M. Inside Out

Bring the human body to life for your students

A.D.A.M. Inside Out is a visual introduction to the secrets of the human body, family life curriculum and health literacy that includes updated high-resolution graphics, animations and illustrations and a new interface for better ease of navigation. Perfect for teachers and students teaching or studying:

  • General Biology
  • Life Sciences
  • Health
  • Physical Education
  • Sex Education (Reproductive modules can be turned off)
  • Family Life Curriculum

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To present this interactive journey to your students or for more information or answers to your questions, please contact one of our Digital Specialists at 888.511.5114 x1164 or 815.759.1700 x1164.

A.D.A.M. Inside Out accommodates small-group learning, full classroom participation and individual use for differentiated learning. It serves intuitive learners as well as those who require a more structured learning framework. The teacher resources, including lesson plan development tools and quizzes, facilitate the integration of A.D.A.M. Inside Out resources into instructional curriculum.

Large-screen views allow students to explore the body layer-by-layer while the body's miracles come alive with entertaining animations, video and sound. Within the Family Album are health, wellness and prevention topics including alcohol and tobacco use, disease prevention, mental and emotional health, first aid, safety and nutrition.

The Dissectible Anatomy resources include a simple scroll bar to dissect through the human body by peeling away structures, layer-by-layer. This module contains point-and-click identification capabilities of almost 4,000 anatomical structures in fully dissectible bodies with:

  • audio pronunciations
  • multiple views
  • skin tone options
  • font type selection
  • modesty setting
  • annotation settings
  • nine structure identification languages.
  • Annotation tools, highlight and extract capabilities.

The Inside Story resource shows the structure and function of the 12 major body systems with engaging content and animations. Narration, illustrations and animations show functions of the body followed by a quiz on each body system at the end of each chapter.

Students can take an interactive voyage into the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth with the 9 Month Miracle, a month-by-month guided tour inside the body and body systems as a baby develops.

A.D.A.M. Inside Out

To present this interactive journey to your students or for more information or answers to your questions, please contact one of our Digital Specialists at 888.511.5114 x1164 (815.759.1700).

Annual Subscription Annual Fee
Small School - Under 500 FTE (Full Time Enrollment) $545
Medium School – 500 – 999 FTE (Full Time Enrollment) $835
Large School 1,000 + $1,085

Please call for multi school or district pricing.
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Note: All pricing is listed in U.S. dollars.